Here at A Bountiful Harvest we are finally excited to launch our all natural Sugar Free Marzipan, which also is Gluten Free. Yes…you read that correctly an all natural Marzipan that is SUGAR FREE!!! Since I’m from Europe and grew up enjoying traditional European marzipan candies as well as marzipan on most cakes this is extremely exciting for us and we have received numerous requests from our loyal customers for sugar free marzipan. We have been taste testing with some of our customers that are both diabetic and have no diet restrictions and the feedback has been very positive. Even non-diabetics have commented about how both the taste and texture compares with a premium grade marzipan made with sugar. Our marzipan is a 66% almonds marzipan and is initially going to be available in 1lb tubs. Click here to view the marzipan on our website.

We will also be offering chocolate covered marzipan in 16pc & 25pc boxes and both milk & dark chocolate. These will be added to the online store shortly.

We hope you try it and would appreciate any feedback.

Wow! We started baking cupcakes just six months ago after repeated requests from our loyal customers who were enjoying our gluten free cakes. Since then the response has been overwhelming and we are so excited that everybody is enjoying our cupcakes as much as we are baking them.

Every day we are receiving requests to bake certain favorite flavors, we now have 24 flavors we are baking regularly! Don’t worry we are keeping a long list of these requests and when time permits we will work on developing the recipes for the new flavors. In the meantime we are excited to let everyone know that we have added 5 more new flavors to the website. We are also excited to now have our Gluten Free Non-Pariels & Gluten Free colored sugars that are all natural and colored naturally instead of artificial colorings.  So now we have our new Gluten Free & Wheat Free White Chocolate Confetti Cupcakes with non-pariels and Gluten Free & Wheat Free Sparkle Cupcakes with colored sugar sprinkles. Then there is the delicious Almond Truffle Cupcakes that has a dark Belgian chocolate truffle in the middle, Chocolate Bliss for the chocolate lover and for something a little more fruity and fresh check out the new Peaches & Cream which has morsels of peaches throughout the mousse. All are available baked either sugar free or with sugar, except the non-pariels and sugar crystals are not available in sugar free.

Confetti Cupcakes      Sparkle Cupcakes
Confetti Cupcakes Sparkle Cupcakes

So another crazy busy Valentine’s Day passes us by. It’s been an extremely busy week at A Bountiful Harvest making countless chocolate roses, boxes & truffles for sweethearts everywhere.  Thanks to all of our customers for making this a successful holiday! We’re proud of everyone who ordered early….those of you that left it to the last minute….just remember earlier next year! Now already we are changing into bunny making mode with Easter early this year. Not to mention St. Paddy’s day which is just a week before Easter!

We have also been busy baking some new flavors of Gluten Free Cupcakes which will be added to our online store very soon.

As promised new gluten free cupcake flavors are on their way. The first 5 new flavors have now been added to the website and are now available for ordering. The 5 added are Caramel Dream, Pomegranate, Pistachio, Grasshopper & Black & White. Check them out at Gluten Free Cupcakes. Also available baked sugar free.

Welcome to the new blog for A Bountiful Harvest. Our goal is to provide you with frequent updates on new products and happenings in our bakery.